How ENGWE Ebike Changes Our Lifestyle (Tiny Cabin Life)

The YouTube channel Tiny Cabin Life’s video presents a compelling picture of how technology, sustainability, and nature can coexist harmoniously. This video features an innovative cabin, uniquely designed to be towed by a bicycle, enabling deeper exploration into natural settings. This design perfectly aligns with the minimalist, nature-focused approach of tiny cabin living.


Surron Ultra Bee

The ultimate in performance.
Get ready to experience electric performance like never before with Surron’s new Ultra Bee! This mid-sized machine is driven by Surron’s state-of-the-art powertrain system, which provides precision handling, smooth power delivery, and the ability to conquer any off-road obstacle thanks to the integrated Surron traction control system (SRTC). Building on the success of its predecessors, the Ultra Bee is sure to take your riding to the next level.


Velvet Premium Max

Velvet is a new photovoltaic panel bifacial glass/glass model based on N-type heterojunction half-cut multi busbar solar cells. Moreover, the symmetrical cell structure grants a high bifaciality factor and also the aesthetics of the module is enhanced with a very uniform appearance for both module sides.


EK & SK Limited Edition

Summer has us firmly in its grip. Temperatures are climbing steeply and nature is in full color. In short, it’s the ideal time to enjoy the warm weather for a ride on a HORWIN electric scooter!
With a max. Power of 2.8 kW and 45 km/h max. speed, the EK1 belongs to the L1e vehicle category. Highlights: All-round LED lights, automatic light switch-off delay, cruise control, reverse gear, helmet storage compartment under the seat and attractive design, 72 V/36 AH battery, max. Range 83 km, a second battery is optionally available. This vehicle is available in limited numbers in the two colors LIGHT BLUE and STORM GREY.



Ecobike is one of the first e-bike manufacturers in Europe. We have a wide experience in electric bikes manufacturing. Our e-bikes are sold both under our own brand Ecobike and other well-established European brands. We have gained trust across the entire European continent



The Greyp Bikes squad has been on a relentless mission to trim the fat, scout out premium grade components, craft the most up-to-date geometry, and fuse it all together in a sleek and funky design with an array of fun colorways. Brace yourselves for the arrival of the latest beast in the Croatian company’s product line: the GREYP ZANEY 🤪.

Wondering about the name? Just peek at the mischievous winky face on the logo—it perfectly captures the essence of this electrifying eMTB. Prepare for a ride that’s packed with excitement, conquering steep climbs effortlessly and unleashing a playful spirit on thrilling descents. The Zaney is a true embodiment of pure exhilaration and boundless adventure.


Celebrating 15 years together! Celebrating 15 years together!

Ecobike is one of the first e-bike manufacturers in Europe. We have a wide experience in electric bikes manufacturing. Our e-bikes are sold both under our own brand Ecobike and other well-established European brands. We have gained trust across the entire European continent


CPx: the best-selling electric scooter in UK

Super Soco CPx, the 100% electric scooter that will change the way you live, making your life smarter and more sustainable.
CPx is the best selling electric scooter in Europe and even in the UK it represents 50% of all electric scooters registered in April: an unparalleled success that allows the company to grow even more.


Vmoto is the official supplier of electric scooters for Ducati Corse

Vmoto has signed an important sponsorship agreement with Ducati Corse as the official supplier of electric scooters in the paddock for the Ducati Lenovo Team in the MotoGP World Championship and for the Aruba.it Racing – Ducati Team in the Superbike World Championship for the 2022-2023 seasons.


Video: Hack the Hills u režiji Greypa

Dobro poznati modeli Greyp G6 i dalje se kotrljaju, Pokazali su se vrlo korisnima u otkrivanju poznatih i manje poznatih MTB trialova u Istri, ali i ostalim krajevima Lijepe naše…

miller hero grande (1)

You too can buy MotoGP™ equipment

MotoGP™ riders aren’t human. That’s something you often hear in the face of epic feats in sport. They push powerful bikes to their limits, putting themselves and all the materials involved under extreme stress.



Giant unveiled the all-new Trance X E+, a versatile and adaptable E-MTB that’s designed to extend riders’ capabilities on a wide range of terrain.



The sporty light motorcycle in the L3e class drives up to 90 km/h. This is ensured by a center motor with a maximum power of 6.2 kW. The battery (72 V / 36 Ah) has a range of up to 80 km (at a speed of 45 km/h). A full charge takes just under five hours.


Novi Greyp T5 e-SUV

U sjeni spektakularnog spajanja matičnih marki Bugatti i Rimac, Greyp je predstavio novi bicikl na čijem su razvoju radili dulje vrijeme. Greyp T5 e-SUV je električni treking bajk koji traži mjesto u novoj klasi e-SUV…



An electric mountain bike can unlock a whole new world of adventure. Ride farther, climb higher, and super-size your serving of singletrack on any given ride. For those who are new to E-MTB’s, there are some things to know before you hit the trail. This guide outlines a few things to consider when you’re choosing a new E-Bike and provides helpful tips on riding skills and taking care of your bike.


Vmoto Soco at the first ProDay event – July 2021

On Tuesday 13th July, the first ProDay event was held at the Misano World Circuit, which featured many friends of Vmoto Soco who are passionate about motors and some world famous riders who returned to wear their suits to experience the great feelings that the track gives every time.